Frequently Asked Questions -- Pics

---->Why do My Pictures Look All The Same?

Well the poses do, but not the pics. I started to take the pics as I was working out to train my body and see what parts I needed to work on.

So my poses need to be similar so I can see how I vary from day to day and what I need to work on.

People would often ask me questions about working out and complain that they couldn't train their body. I would ask them to take a look at my body from month to month.

As you can see my look varies quite a bit. And a matter of five or ten pounds can kill your six pack or give a real ripped looked.

I also used to design websites, so I used my own pictures in different formats so I could experiment and perfect the format first before presenting it to the client.

---->Any Naked Pics?

Nope. I actually have a few but I figured I would hold back so if anyone wants to see them, the need to meet me in person to see that.

So shirtless is the best I get

---->Any other pics, besides the shirtless ones?

Yes, I put up my pics of my trip to San Francisco. I have some of my trips to New York City, but I haven't had the time to scan those in.

---->Why do you look so mad in your pics?

Two reasons.

One when I smile I just come off looking goofy.

Secondly since I use these pictures to judge how my workouts are progressing, I have to "tighten" my muscles so I can see them. This tends to cause you to have that "mad look" expression.

Look at people when they are lifting weights and you'll see they have similar "mad" expressions on your face?

---->Why do you look so tan in some pics and not in the others?

Well the tan is real but sometimes the lighting isn't as good as it should be and I lighten them up digitally. This fades the tan..

---->Why are the pics so, well franky, so bad looking?

They aren't bad but they are low resolution.

First of all I want to make sure everyone can see them. Since over 65% of all people still use dial up you want them quick loading.

Since the pics are all the same you don't need the high resolution shot. I do have all the pics shot in high resolution but I only publish them in low resolution on the internet to help discourage "appropriation" of said pic.

I've never had it happened but you can't photo shop these pics without looking bad, because they are the lowest resolution that still is acceptable.

Besides you can always see me in person if you need really high resolution shots...(HINT HINT)

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---->Have Other Question For Me About My Pics??

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